Past, Present...
The Oaks Corners Volunteer Fire Company began its operations in 1965 in the two-bay building
you see in the upper left of the page. In 1975, the Company added three additional bays, the
meeting hall and the kitchen (center photo). We have operated out of this same station since
then, and since then our membership, our quantity of equipment, and our apparatus have also
grown. As the years have passed, our building has shown a slow deterioration. With lack of
truck bay space, storage space, working space, personnel comforts, and mounting problems
with the structure as a whole, the Company decided in 2007 that the best course of action would
be to begin planning for a new station. The latest concept drawing is shown above.

We have been doing our best to hold fundraisers to build money to go towards a new fire house.
Many of you know of our "Sketty Dinners" in the past, our Cake Wheel Booth at the Phelps
Sauerkraut Weekend, 50/50 drawings at many of our major general fundraisers, and other
ongoing fundraising events. The New Firehouse Committee is working diligently to find sources
of income to reach our ultimate goal of a new Oaks Corners Fire Company station.

Not only is the growth of the department one of our goals in planning the new building, but we
also envision a building that the Oaks Corners community can be proud of. We want to plan and
build a station that our community can utilize for their functions, and know that the volunteers of
the department are glad to respond to in your time of need.

The New Firehouse Committee is pleased to report to the community at large our progress in the
long, tedious process in the planning, finalization and (hopefully) construction of the new
station. As we progress, we will post updates on this page, and you can also watch our
"Firehouse Fund Toteboard" above, to see how we are doing in raising money to the Fund.

We appreciate any donations that our residents and businesses can provide to reach our
ultimate goal. If you are considering donating to the "New Firehouse Fund", please contact
Committee Chair Chris Tiffany by leaving a message at the firehouse at 315-789-8876, or you can
mail in your donation to PO Box 54, Oaks Corners, NY 14518.

We continue to appreciate the attendance at the many fundraisers we have to raise money for
our "New Firehouse Fund"... see below for current fundraising events...
The "New Firehouse Fund" currently stands at...
$ 47,290.22
...and (soon to be) Future...