Become a Member Today!
Become a Member Today!
We are always looking for members of our community to become
volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Our community
is dependent on volunteer emergency responders, especially with our
ever-increasing call volume. We also need volunteers for other important
jobs. When you think about it, we at the Oaks Corners Volunteer Fire
Company operate a business dealing with the same issues faced by
large corporations and small businesses alike. Our duties, in addition to
providing fire and emergency medical response, include administration,
personnel management, record keeping, finance and budget
management, fleet maintenance, insurance, taxes, marketing, strategic
planning, quality control, compliance with governmental mandates,
managing liability, facilities maintenance, fire prevention and public
education, and the list goes on. There are many different types of
membership that we offer, and remember

Active Membership   
The actual firefighters that respond to emergency calls are Active
Members. These men and women are both interior structural firefighters
and support firefighters. Support firefighters can drive fire apparatus,
operate outside hose lines, direct traffic, set up lights and generators,
and perform other firefighting tasks that do not involve actually going
inside a burning building. At a minimum, Active members must complete
the Scene Support Operations Class, and the Hazardous Materials
Operations class within their first two years of membership. Both classes
are taught locally, and are provided at no cost to the member. All Active
Members must also complete a minimum of 8 hours of safety training
annually, which is taught throughout the year at our firehouse.

Active Medic Membership
People who want to provide emergency medical care, but do not want to
become a firefighter can join as an Active Medic Member. These
members respond to emergency medical calls and provide patient care
until a transporting ambulance can arrive on scene. Active medic
members also respond to fire scenes and can provide medical care to
our firefighters. All Active Medic Members must achieve a NYS
certification of Certified First Responder or higher within their first two
years of membership. The classes are held locally, and at no cost to the

Social Membership
Social membership is for the volunteer who does not want to respond to
emergency calls, but would like to volunteer their time for other important
tasks. Social members can attend department meetings, serve on
committees, work at fund raisers, serve as dispatchers, do work around
the firehouse, serve on our fire department auxiliary, and many other
helpful tasks. There is no training required.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Oaks Corners
Volunteer Fire Company, please fill out the form below, and
someone will contact you to set up a meeting, and get you an
application. All applicants must agree to a criminal background
check by the Ontario County Sheriff's Department.