Oaks Corners Fire Dept. Elected Officers for 2017
President: Chris Tiffany
Vice President: Ken Maines
Secretary: Jane Stobie
Treasurer: Lee DeRuyter
Director: Ed Swart
Director: Scott Loomis
Director: Tom Snyder

Chief (320): Mike Reifsteck
Deputy Chief (3201): Brian Maney
Asst. Chief (3202): Darel Logue
2nd Asst. Chief (3203): Lee DeRuyter
EMS Captain (3204): Steve DeChick
Captain (3205): Zachery Rey
Lieutenant's:       EdRouse
hris Stobie
om Snyder
  Nat Rey
EMS Lieutenant: Danielle Day

Chaplain: Steve DeChick

On Monday 12/19/16 the members of the Oaks Corners Fire Department held their annual meeting and
election of officers. The following members were elected to office for 201
7 with their term beginning on 01/01/17.