O.C.F.D. Auxiliary
The mission of the Oaks Corners Fire Department Auxiliary is to
support the firefighters and EMS responders of the Oaks Corners
Fire Company in any way possible. They provide food and
refreshments at emergency scenes, at the firehouse after major
incidents or during stand-bys, provide water and ice for firefighter
rehab operations, assist at fire department fund raisers and events,
and assist members of the department during times of need.

The Oaks Corners Fire Department Auxiliary was formed in the late
1960s as a separate organization from the fire department itself.
The Auxiliary was very active until the mid 1980s when it dissolved.

In June of 2010, Chief Brian Maney advised the Board of Directors
that there were several Social Members and relatives of our fire and
EMS responders that were interested in starting an Auxiliary. The
Board of Directors decided to form an Auxiliary Committee to be
made up of Social Members of the department.

The first meeting of the new Auxiliary took place on June 30, 2010.
Chief Brian Maney, President Ed Rouse, and several members of
the Board of Directors were present. Christine Lane was selected to
be the Auxiliary Chairperson with Michelle Maney serving as the
Assistant Chairperson.

Anyone wishing to join the auxiliary can contact us at
oakscornersfire@gmail.com for a Social Member application. The
membership process will also include a criminal background check
per department procedure.
O.C.F.D. Auxiliary Members
Chairperson: Donna Swart
Asst. Chairperson: Michelle Maney

Nicole DeChick
Rachel Smith
Jane Stobie
Pictures From The OCFD Auxiliary Cake Bake in August 2010