About the Oaks Corners Volunteer Fire Company
The Oaks Corners Fire Company is a 100% volunteer
department that provides fire protection as well as rescue
and EMS services to the eastern half of the Town of
Phelps, New York. Phelps is located in Ontario County,
which is located about half way between the cities of
Rochester and Syracuse along the New York State
Thruway. We operate out of a single station and protect a
population of about
3,000 residents over an area of 35
square miles. We also protect a 2.5 mile portion of the New
York State Thruway and over 10 miles of railways. We
protect a primarily rural, residential area with some
commercial and industrial occupancies as well. We have
83 members in the organization including 48 fire and EMS
responders that respond to around 220 calls annually.
Due to the fact that there is no municipal water supply in
our fire district, we have a current ISO rating of 8B.

The Oaks Corners Fire Company provides emergency
medical services in the form of BLS First Responders. We
currently have 16 members who hold an EMS certification
of Certified First Responder or higher. Our first responders
respond to all medical calls within our fire protection district
and provide patient care until a transporting ambulance
can arrive on scene. The primary transporting ambulance
service for our area is
Phelps Ambulance Inc. Around
1999, our agency initiated a public access defibrilation
program which has resulted in the training of most of our
firefighters in the use of our automated e defibrillator.

Due to the fact that there is no municipal water in our fire
district, we rely on automatic mutual aid agreements with
several surround departments to supplement our water
supply. Our district is divided into several sectors.
Depending on the location, the Phelps,
,North Side or Junius Fire Departments respond
automatically to any reported structure fires in our district.

Our organization is funded primarily through a contract for
fire protection with the Town of Phelps. Additional funds
come from fund raisers such as dinners, fund drives, and
our annual golf tournament. The Town of Phelps contract
for 2015 was for approximately $70,000.
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Oaks Corners Fire Protection District