Engine 3211 - 2005 Pierce Contender
Purchased from Churchville Fire Equipment
1,500 gallon-per-minute pump, 1,000-gallon poly-tank
Detroit diesel Engine, Allison automatic transmission
First due for structure fires, crashes, vehicle fires,
Haz-Mat, FAST Team Calls
Pumper/Tanker 3231 - 1993 International / 4 Guys
International Navistar chassis
Purchased from Wilde Fire Equipment
1,000 gallon-per-minute pump, 1,500-gallon poly-tank
Swivel quick dump in rear
Carries 2,000-gallon portable pond & two jet siphons
First due for tanker requests, second due for all fire calls.
Rescue 3261 - 1980/2001 F.L. Amb. Fleet Services
1980 rescue body on 2001 Ford chassis
Body formerly owned by Camillus, NY Fire Department
8KW on-board generator
Carries full compliment of EMS & Firefighter Rehab equipment
First due for EMS, Rehab, & water problem calls.
Special Operations Unit 3262 - 1992 McCoy-Miller
1992 Ford McCoy-Miller Ambulance
Donated to OCFD by the Naples Fire Department
Carried equipment for mass-casualty incidents, Haz-Mat, Rehab, etc.
Taken out of service in 2010 when Heavy Rescue 3271 was purchased
Sold to Boss Paintball Products, Route 14, Geneva
Emergency Car 3261 - 1955 Ford
Purchased from the Clifton Springs Fire Dept in September 1966 for $275
Used to transport men & equipment to emergency calls
Appeared in the film "Lady in White" which was filmed in Phelps, NY
Used today for parades & public relations events
Retired Apparatus
1985 Pierce Dash Engine
Purchased in 1999 from the Honeoye-Richmond Fire Dept for $50k
Sold to Bai-Trinite Fire Department in Canada
1,250 gallon-per-minute pump, 750-gallon tank
Detroit diesel engine, Allison automatic transmission
1980 Ford Rescue
Purchased from the Camillus, NY Fire Department in 1994 for $8,500
Chassis replaced in 2001
Carried extrication & EMS equipment
1979 Chevy / American LaFrance Pumper
Chevy C70 chassis with manual transmission
1,000 gallon-per-minute pump, 750-gallon tank
Taken out of service in 1999
Sold to the Bangs, TX Fire Department for $14,950
1977 Ford / 4-Guys Tanker
Ford chassis purchased in 1977 for $11,900
Original fuel-oil tank replaced w/ 1,800-gal stainless steel tank in 1982
500 gallon-per-minute PTO pump, rear dump valve
Sold in 2005 to the Chelsea, OK Fire Department
1973 GMC Rescue Step Van
Purchased from Robson's Garage in 1975 for $3,250
Used to transport men & equipment to emergency calls
Taken out of service in 1994
Sold to Stu Josner for $1,002
1955 Ford Tanker
Donated in 1965 by Ceburn Lee as the OCFD's first fire truck
1,250-gallon tank and portable pump
Taken out of service in 1993
Sold to Day Brothers Farm for $650
1953 Mack / American LaFrance Pumper
Purchased from the Laurelton, NY Fire Department in 1972 for $5,000
750 gallon-per-minute pump, 500-gallon tank
Taken out of service in 1993
Sold to Robert Heimer for $1,756
1940 Ford / American LaFrance Pumper
Purchased in March 1968 from the Gorham, NY Fire Dept. for $850
300-gallon tank
Sold to a local bar in the 1980s, now owned by the Geneva Shrine Club
Brush Truck 3251 - 1996 Chevy
1996 Chevy 2500 Series 4X4 pickup truck with 350 Vortec V8 engine
Purchased from Waco, NC Fire Department in 2007
185-gallon poly-tank -- Warn winch
Carries 800 feet of forestry hose & foam proportioner
First due for brush fires & storm-related calls
Heavy Rescue 3271 - 1997 Pierce Sabre
Purchased from Geneva, NY Fire Department
Seats 7 firefighters
Truck carries Hurst spreaders, cutters, rams, air bags, Rescue-42 struts,
and a variety of Haz-Mat supplies. On-board generator and tower lighting
system. First due for water rescues, second due for crashes,
third due for structure fires.
Heavy Rescue 3271 - 1986 GMC / Saulsbury
Previously owned by the Bayport, NY Fire Department
15KW on-board generator -- Seats 12 firefighters
Truck carried Hurst spreaders, cutters, rams, air bags,
Rescue-42 struts and Haz-Mat supplies