OCFD introduces a public safety program for
our residents and neighbors...
Sign Program
"We can't help you... if we can't FIND you!"
Every second counts during a fire, police or medical emergency. Valuable time can be
lost if your house number is not clearly posted where emergency responders can see it.
Police officers, firefighters and EMS responders can't provide lifesaving services to you
and your family if they cannot find your house. The Oaks Corners Volunteer Fire
Company is offering to provide you with a highly-visible sign in order for responders to
locate your residence in a more timely manner, potentially saving time... and lives!
"Do I really need one of these signs?"
Ask yourself... Can your house be found easily by passing cars? Can it be
found quickly in an emergency? How about at night? Or from a distance?
When seconds count?

Try this... drive or walk up and down your street. Put yourself in the
position of a rescuer that's responding to your house in a life-or-death
situation. Can your house number be seen clearly and easily from the
street... and especially at night? (Remember,
YOU may know where you
placed your numbers, but an emergency responder will most likely
know!) Rescue personnel will tell you that finding the correct residence is
one of the most difficult parts of responding to an emergency. Wasted
minutes and seconds can mean the difference between life and death.
Fire, EMS and police officers will not be the only ones to
benefit from a visible address sign at the roadside... friends,
business acquaintances, the "UPS Guy" will all be able to find
your house much easier! Just think, for the cost of a large
pizza, you can provide peace of mind to you and your family,
and help emergency responders save lives and protect
property... not to mention help the pizza delivery guy find you
too!! (Mmm... hot pizza!!)

The Oaks Corners Volunteer Fire Company recommends
installing your "911" address sign on a mailbox post on the
same side of the street that your house is located. If you don't
have a mailbox post, we offer mounting posts. We will even
come to your house and install the sign for you if you would
like... at no additional charge!
The Signs and Pricing
The signs are made of aluminum (same grade as road signs)
with a reflective color backing and 3" reflective white
numbers on both sides. They are 6" wide and 18" tall. They
are designed to be installed on a mailbox post for the
greatest visibility from the street.

For the 6" wide by 18" tall sign, the price is only
$18.00 (we
respectfully request that if your sign must be shipped,
please add an additional
$8.50 for shipping via USPS). If you
need a mounting post (unshipped sign), we offer those for
an additional
$5.00. The sign that you order will either be
GREEN or RED, depending on what style construction your
house or building is. (See below for explanation.)

For residents living in a mobile home park, we also offer a
12" wide by 6" high white aluminum sign with black
numbers of your lot number for only

To place your order for a "911" Address Sign, please call
(315) 789-8876 (please leave your name, address and a
phone number) or download an order form
HERE and
mail it to the address on the form. We will contact you when
the sign is delivered to us so we can get it to you.
"Why the difference in sign color?"
The primary reason for the difference in sign color is to alert responding
firefighters of the type of construction your house or building is
comprised of. Your "911" Address Sign will be issued in RED if the
structure was built using "LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION" methods.
This type of construction is a widely-used, more economical form of
construction in the United States, and can be seen in houses and
buildings locally, even in buildings over 30 years old.
"Lightweight" or engineered wood frame construction includes smaller than 2" dimension
wood products that are not solid lumber. Glued and finger-jointed wood trusses and
truss/I-beams are made of wood chips or particle board (see photo above) that are pressed
together with combustible adhesives to eliminate waste and lower overall costs. These
buildings can include site-built as well as factory-built homes and buildings. Structures built
using "lightweight construction" BURN FASTER AND COLLAPSE FASTER than traditional
wood-frame buildings, which CAN RESULT IN FIREFIGHTER INJURY OR DEATH. Knowing
ahead of time how a house or building is constructed will help firefighters plan for a safer
attack; the RED "911" Address Sign will signal just that. If you are unsure if your house or
building utilizes "lightweight construction" applications, please contact us and we will help
you identify what kind of construction you have.
What if I don't live in the Oaks Corners fire district?
Can I still order an address sign?
You sure can! Just print out one of our order forms (the link is below) and send it in with
payment. We encourage EVERYONE to make sure that their house or business can be quickly
located in an emergency, so we are not limiting our address sign program to Oaks Corners fire
district residents. Our neighboring chiefs and firefighters in the Phelps, Border City and North
Side Fire Departments endorse and recommend our sign program to their residents also. The
more people we can help, the more lives and property we all can potentially save!!
Sign Program