Tractor-Trailer Rolls Over on Route 96
On December 9, 2014 at 0738 hours, the Oaks Corners Fire Company & Phelps Ambulance were
dispatched to the Route 14 southbound off-ramp onto Route 96 east, for a report of a tractor-trailer rolled
over. Oaks Corners Engine 3211 & Heavy Rescue 3271 responded. Oaks Corners Lieutenant Zachery
Rey was the first unit on scene and reported a tractor-trailer rolled over on the ramp with the driver out of
the vehicle. He also reported a load of corn had been spilled and that there was also a diesel fuel spill. 2nd
Asst. Chief Edward Swart responded and assumed command on arrival. Firefighters stretched a 1 3/4"
hose line and used granular absorbent and absorbent pads to contain the fuel spill. Deputy Chief Mike
Reifsteck responded and assumed command during cleanup operations. The ramp was closed by
Fire-Police officers for several hours while the load of corn was cleaned up and the truck was removed
from the highway.