Oaks Corners & Geneva Firefighters Conduct
Accident Victim Extrication Training
On September 8, 2014 members of the Oaks Corners Fire Company and the Hydrant Hose Company of
the Geneva Fire Department conducted accident victim extrication training at Geneva Foreign & Sports
on Route 14 in Geneva. The departments were split into two groups with a mix of Geneva & Oaks
Corners Firefighters in each group. Instructors from each department, under the direction of Oaks
Corners Deputy Chief Mike Reifsteck instructed students in several areas including vehicle technology,
vehicle stabilization, scene safety, and use of each departments hydraulic, electric, and air operated
tools. We would like to thank the Hydrant Hose Company for inviting us, and Geneva Foreign & Sports
for the use of the vehicles and facilities.

Photo's Courtesy of Geneva FD Lieutenant Sebastian Gentile