Patient Extricated from McIvor Road Crash
On 09/04/13 at 11:51am the Oaks Corners Fire Company & Phelps Ambulance were dispatched to the
intersection of McIvor Road and Fort Hill Road for a reported vehicle crash with unknown injuries. Initial reports
were for a two-vehicle crash with one into a pole. Shortly after dispatch the 911 Center updated responding
units that law enforcement was on location and reporting minor injuries. Phelps Ambulance arrived on scene
and requested a second ambulance as they had five patients. Oaks Corners Chief Brian Maney arrived on
scene with Engine 3211 and found one passenger still trapped in a vehicle that had struck a utility pole. The
front passenger door had struck the pole. It was decided that the crash was actually in Phelps FD territory and
Chief Maney requested manpower from the Phelps FD to assist with extrication. Oaks Corners Firefighters used
the hydraulic cutters from Heavy Rescue 3271 to remove the passenger side seat backs so the patient could
be removed via the rear door. Phelps Heavy Rescue 2171 responded with manpower and Oaks Corners
Rescue 3261 responded to assist with traffic control. McIvor Road was closed for 45 minutes.

Engine 3211, Heavy Rescue 3271, & Rescue 3261 responded with a crew of 13 under Chief Brian Maney.

Photo's by OCFD Photographer Rick Maney & Asst. Chief Scott Loomis.