Three People and a Canine Injured in Route 14 Crash.
On April 07 2013 at 1:51pm, the Oaks Corners Fire Company & Phelps Ambulance were dispatched to the
intersection of Route 14 & Skuse Road for a report of a two-car crash with injuries. Asst. Chief Jeff Arnold was
the first unit on scene and reported three patients involved. Engine 3211 & Heavy Rescue 3271 responded with
a crew of 17.

Chief Brian Maney assumed command upon arriving on scene and requested an additional transporting
ambulance. Rescue 3271 was sent to the intersection of Rt. 14 & Gambee Road to clock traffic. Oaks Corners
firefighters assisted with patient removal, hazard control, and traffic control. Finger Lakes Ambulance
transported all patients. A black lab was a passenger in one of the vehicles and struck the windshield. The dog
suffered internal injuries. Oaks Corners Firefighters cared for the dog including keeping him in a safe area,
covering him with a blanket, and giving him some water. The dog was kept still until Ontario County Humane
Society Officer Coyne arrived on scene. Firefighters then assisted him in stabilizing the dog on a board and
loading him into his vehicle for transport to a veterinarian for treatment. The dog was doing fine the next

Photo's by Chief Brian Maney